Why Have A Mentor And What Light Can A Lighthouse Shine On The Subject

The big question you’ve likely asked yourself is: Why Have a Mentor?

Our quick answer is: They are so necessary for quicker success.

If we didn’t get guidance and information on what’s working now, we wouldn’t be able to live the laptop lifestyle we do now. Period!

But let’s dig deeper to unearth a meaningful answer for you.

On a recent 2 month stay in Antibes, on the Cote d’Azur in France, we filmed this short video for you.

Click on the video to play.

why have a mentor


There’s many metaphors to explain the answer to the question why have a mentor, but we chose the obvious as it was on our doorstep for two months so it would’ve been silly not to take advantage of it wouldn’t it?

So, what can a light can a lighthouse shine on the subject of why have a mentor?

Use your imagination here. Picture a lighthouse as your mentor and you and your online business as a ship out at sea, bobbing around going in no particular direction whatsoever.

Here’s 7 Points Addressing The Question Of Why Have A Mentor

[1]  A mentor is there to guide you and provide you with information on exactly what’s worked for them but it’s totally up to you to decide for yourself whether or not you take heed of that guidance or act on that information.

Mentors point out the obstacles, dangers and tsunamis they’ve survived, but it’s your job to avoid those obstacles – which involves honed listening skills – not just hearing skills. In our experience some people are intent on making excuses for something having gone wrong – all the while, they’re not listening to the advice of the mentor.

Here’s a prime example of not heeding important information – watch it to the video to the very end:

six figure mentors

[2]  You have total responsibility to steer your ship, to steer your business. Your mentor doesn’t do that for you just as a lighthouse can’t steer a ship. Which means you have to do the work yourself – the mentor doesn’t do it for you. They help you build your business, they don’t build it for you.

[3]  Mentors don’t judge you, they just give reliable information tailored to your circumstances. Meaning they don’t care what success or failure you’ve had previously, whether you’re just starting out, what age you are, where you grew up, etc etc – they just share their views that are relevant to you building your business and getting results as quickly as possible.

[4]  Mentors guide more than one person at a time and these mentees are never in competition with each other. For example we regularly coach and speak to over 100 people in a short period time who are all building their online businesses – yet everyone is independently targeting a different market, so are leveraging our guidance and advice to go in the direction they’re headed.

why have a mentor
Why Have A Mentor And What Light Can A Lighthouse Shine On The Subject

[5]  You don’t need to physically meet with your mentor (in the lighthouse scenario, it’s preferable that you don’t meet), they can guide you over long distances – from any part of the world in fact. The great thing about the internet is – it make the world a smaller place and we’re able to connect with each other for no cost. As we said in the video, the day before we recorded that clip, we coached people in Singapore, the US, Canada, Europe, Britain and Australia. We’re also mentoring people in India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel and China!

[6]  It doesn’t matter how stormy your journey, a mentor is always there to give you constant reliable guidance even when the going gets rough. So they deliver calm and level headed advice tailored for the conditions or the circumstances – as they’ve weathered similar situations many times before themselves (totally speaking from experience here!)

[7]  Mentors are always there, you just need to know where to look for them to find them. (on a  side note: mentors do take time off, unlike lighthouses – because they’re machines only in the human sense!)

Hope that enlightened you about why have a mentor.

If you want to discover more how we can help you build your online business quickly so you can grab life by the scruff of the neck and life it on your terms – click here or click on the button below:

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Greg and Fiona Scott
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