Who Is Stuart Ross and Why Is He Co-Founder Of Digital Experts Academy

In our opinion Stuart Ross is not your average guy. He believes in himself, he’s an over achiever, and an action taker – and he lives life with passion, purpose and fulfilment!

But that’s our view, as we say. Here’s what Stuart says about himself, in his words:

I suppose in a nutshell I‘m your average guy who has managed to achieve a pretty extraordinary lifestyle… and to be honest, even to this day I have to pinch myself, because the fact is not so long ago I knew NOTHING about internet business and digital marketing.

Yet after a bit of time and effort, I have been able to build a multi-million dollar business and create a lifestyle where I live life on my terms with no boss, no commute, no long hours and no more living from pay check to pay check!

You see something I’ve had the good fortune of KNOWING, is just how powerful our ‘Intentions’ and ‘Abilities’ are… so when I stumbled into Internet/Digital Marketing by complete mistake as a 26 year old burnt out corporate slave… somehow in my guts, I just KNEW I could do it. Even though I had just MISERABLY failed with my first business attempt!

And I’m SO THANKFUL that I stumbled across this way of building a business, words can’t even express it.

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross

So Stuart loves cars and exotic holidays and lives life on his terms, but . .

It wasn’t always that way, however don’t expect a rags to riches story either.

Stuart is from a family of six kids, who lead a happy, active childhood growing up in the south of England.

As a keen 18 year old lad, back in 2001, he started a career as a Real Estate Salesman. Stuart was hungry to learn, and very eager to earn, so he swiftly progressed.

As a result of honing his sales skills and customer focus, he quickly became indispensable in his role, but . . . that meant he had to work six solid days a week without time off for holiday, and with no relief from the stress. He’d pretty much dropped all social activities from sport to going out with friends as he was so exhausted just doing the day job. He was earning decent money, but after 8 hard years of working 11 hour days, six days a week – he couldn’t take it any longer. He began to realise there must be more to life that working every waking hour for someone else.

Maybe you would agree?

Stuart Ross with Greg and Fiona Scott
Stuart Ross with Greg and Fiona Scott

So, in 2008, Stuart Ross decided to quit the world of real estate and search for a ‘better way’. He understood that setting up a business was the answer to leverage his time and energy, so bought into a franchise.

Long story short – after a LOT of hard graft, it dawned on him that he’d created yet another job for himself. The new franchise business involved too much cold calling, which he hated, he was still working silly hours, and he wasn’t making any money.

He failed miserably!

There was no alternative except to go back to doing what he knew – selling real estate again.

But . . . he continued the hunt for a passive and automated business model. Bit like a dog with a bone really!

After several weeks of internet browsing (possibly searching Google for ‘make money online’) Stuart uncovered all sorts of information and reports on how to make BIG money online without having to exchange all his time for money. Maybe you’ve done the same?

As a 26 year old burnt out corporate employee . . . Stuart Ross knew ZERO about internet business or digital marketing, but he needed to ‘sack the boss’ and all the overtime, stress and lack of holiday that went with it.

He desired a way of life and a business model that would permit him, not only to earn good money, but most importantly, to give him the freedom to take back control over his life again.

You might know that sifting through mountains of information is very time consuming and also over-whelming. The obvious course of action for Stuart was to get a mentor who could advise him and guide him through the murky waters of marketing on the internet and setting up an online business.

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross – got a Mentor

Adhering to the sage advice of his mentor, Stuart Ross was able to learn and progress very quickly. What could have taken him years to learn, took mere months, because he could learn from his mentors’ trials and errors. He was able to implement what worked straight away, so avoided wasting time and MONEY on what doesn’t work. Makes sense doesn’t it?

After investing a lot of time, effort and energy, Stuart Ross built a multi-million dollar business as an affiliate marketer. As a result, he created a lifestyle of his own design with no boss, no long hours, no commute, and no more living from pay check to pay check!

As an affiliate marketer Stuart focused largely on promoting information products in several markets, including dating, muscle gain, weight loss, social media, quit smoking, organic foods, weddings, gaming, and internet marketing training.

In direct sales he focused on travel, personal development, coaching, training, events, mentorship and nutrition. So quite a wide spectrum really!

His best day of record sales was $250,000.

But that’s not the end of the story!

By 2010, Stuart Ross began to appreciate there’s more to business than making money hand over fist. He’d previously believed that earning lots of money would make him happy, but he felt empty inside.

He needed to be challenged. He needed a new mission. Needed to have passion and purpose it what he was doing.


So he reached out to help and teach others, to mentor others, so they too could progress quickly too by taking the short cuts he had.

Wanting to help others establish financial independence and freedom became his driving force – so people didn’t just dream about changing their lives, but actually achieved it!

six figure mentors reviewThis lead to Stuart Ross establishing The Six Figure Mentors private membership platform, at the end of 2010.

Six Figure Mentors delivers expert marketing education and empowerment to entrepreneurs world wide. It’s a mentoring platform catering for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals who are seeking to increase their effectiveness and results by delivering live, in person, and virtual mentorships in every aspect of entrepreneurism. But not only is it an education platform, it also provides all the tools and technology people need to succeed – eliminating technical hurdles for many people.

Six Figure Mentors has helped thousands of people, just like Stuart and just like us, to earn as they learn and escape the rat race for ever.

In April 2012, Stuart bumped into Jay Kubassek at a marketing event in the US. By then Six Figure Mentors had achieved the purpose Stuart set out to achieve, but he’d developed an even larger vision by this time and he needed the help of another millionaire digital marketer to help him realise that vision and take it to the world – Jay was that person.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

You see, the make money online niche, or the business opportunity seeker niche, is very hypey and is, unfortunately, prone to prey on people’s greed and desperation.

Stuart and Jay wanted to start a movement to overhaul the perception and reality of the internet marketing industry. To clean it up! To install true values!

No easy task!

So at the end of 2012, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek joined forces, and joined visions, so the Digital Expert’s Academy was conceived, established and launched.

The Digital Experts Academy is an obvious progression from The Six Figure Mentors affiliate marketing training system and community.

It’s mission to wake people up to the alternatives and choices that are around them. Rather than live life in mediocrity – unfulfilled, overworked, stressed, stuck and dependent – DEA re-educate people to harness the internet (the digital world) to realize the tremendous potential that lies within themselves – so people become self-made and self-reliant.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are in the business of changing people’s lives

They achieve this by educating people about digital marketing business to transition them from the old, broken economy to the new digital economy, just like each of them have transformed their own lives, their families lives, and the lives of thousands of other families worldwide.

In a nutshell – Stuart Ross is a leader, an innovator, an inspiration and a man to follow, in the Digital Experts Academy.

We’ve partnered with Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross as Black Founding Member of Digital Experts Academy to deliver the Gold level member marketing coaching.

The Digital Experts Academy is a private membership based community. Prospective members can only be referred by an existing member, so click here to be referred by us.

Membership is granted upon successful completion of an SFM application and interview.

If you believe you have what it takes to wake up to the opportunities on the internet in order to change your life – join Jay Kubassek, Stuart Ross and us on an entrepreneurial journey to success. Click the below and join today!

Digital Experts Academy

Greg and Fiona Scott
Greg and Fiona Scott
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

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