Starting An Online Business Is Crucial To Your Lifestyle. Learn Why!

starting an online businessMaybe you’re fed up with a commute to work, or you’re feeling a bit entrepreneurial, or you simply want a dash of work-life balance? So starting an online business is the total lifestyle solution for you.

Let’s go ahead and discover why it’s crucial to your lifestyle, by analysing the best business to start, why you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, and what you need to get started.

Starting An Online Business Ideas

There are quite a few different online business systems or business models you can leverage to allow you to set up your own online business so you can be your own boss, set your own schedule, and get paid what you’re truly worth.

There’s the Ebay and Amazon models that involve stocking physical products and probably fulfilling the orders yourself. Think a garage load of stock, and daily trips to the post office to dispatch parcels. Not exactly a lifestyle business and there’s a lot of risk attached to having physical stock in hand.

Then there’s the network marketing or MLM business model. A lot of them have a proprietary make money system, but many don’t allow you to promote online which slashes your target market drastically. It’s usual with network marketing companies to do three way calls and hotel meetings – again this ties you to a geographic location meaning you don’t have the flexibility to travel or do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Also, if you’re anything like us, doing sales calls and three way calls is a BIG TURNOFF.

Our preferred online business to start is an affiliate marketing business where you learn how to promote digitally downloadable information products for a commission. As the products you promote are info products in the form of ebook, audio MP3, or video, there’s not stock to manage, no delivery issues, and no product to create.

You also don’t have to bother with payment processors, marketing bumf, and customer service as the product creator handles all of that via their affiliate marketing system.

The very best affiliate products to promote are one’s that pay commission of $1,000+ per sale you refer. These are called high ticket or top tier products, and they make it easy to earn a sustainable income online while you work from home or wherever you choose.

Starting An Online Business For Dummies

It’s true you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to start an online business. Nor do you need to be a computer nerd or even remotely technical. Happily, technology has progressed to a point where websites are created in a few clicks, so there are no technological hurdles any more. The hardest thing to learn is marketing and understanding the psychology of how and why we buy. As you’re a consumer yourself, you’ve got a bit of a head start there.

Seriously, if you can search Google and Youtube for answers, you can read and send an email, and you can copy and paste, then you have all the skills you need to get started online.

It helps to have an open mind too – many a times we meet people who have convinced themselves they’re not technical, so anything they touch that’s got an http:// in it always becomes a drama. In actual fact they do understand the technology, BUT they’re too busy thinking it’s too tricky. Because they think it’s too tricky, they have to prove themselves right (because we don’t like to be wrong), so they make it too tricky! It’s a mindset thing.

From experience, we’ve found that the more clever a person is, the more they overthink stuff, and the more complicated they make things. So being too smart is actually a disadvantage as there’s a tendency for smart people to think they know better and try do things differently. It’s a bit like, why reinvent the wheel?

Starting An Online Business Checklist

We’ll start with the obvious first. Having a laptop and a good internet connection is necessary. You might use a computer in an internet café or in a library, but that cramps your flexibility and lifestyle.

Next you need to have a website to talk a bit about yourself and to make recommendations about the products you have to offer – because we’re assuming you’re going down the affiliate marketing route we outlined above as the best lifestyle business option.

Building a website is super simple these days, and we recommend this internet business system called Digital Business Lounge.

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You can buy a website domain there and get it hosted, set up, and live on the internet in minutes. There’s also WordPress training to teach you how to fill out your website and get content and imagey on it. Plus there’s all the marketing tools you will need as an affiliate marketer, all under the one roof so to speak.

The final software you’ll need is an email database or an autoresponder. This will enable you to collect the email address of your prospective customers and send emails to them on autopilot – remembering the lifestyle element. Our autoresponder of choice is Aweber, and they have a great $1 trial for a month to get started.

Starting An Online Business From Home

The obvious benefits of starting a business from home are:

  • No commute – no inhuman mad scramble each day
  • You can wear what you like so no uniform or stuffy suits
  • No boss to answer – so no pointless meetings, performance reviews, begging for time off!!! In short – NO STRESS!
  • You set your own schedule – work when you’re most productive – pop out when you chose – be there for your loved ones when they need you most – exercise properly – prepare healthy meals – be home for parcel deliveries or tradesman visits
  • You work where you chose, as long as there’s an internet connection. It could be the kitchen table, or at Starbucks, or in a hammock on the veranda.
  • You get paid what you’re worth instead of sum dumb hourly rate that an employer has placed on your head, just like everyone else at the same position.

That last point probably carries the most weight for many people. And running an online business from the comfort of your own home (or wherever in the world you chose to be) promoting high ticket affiliate offers allows most people to crash through that glass ceiling hourly rate that’s pinned on an employee.

The final point to mention about starting an online business from home is having a home business system. This provides the training, support, and community you’ll need to stay motivated, connected, and up-to-date (as the internet is always evolving). Staying connected with like-minded positive thinking people is important as it can get a tad lonely stuck at home with your laptop.

So, to conclude, if you want to live life on your terms and have the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of then take a look at this affiliate training platform, which also has a high ticket affiliate promotion attached to it. It’s a one-stop-shop solution to your online lifestyle business.
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