What Six Figure Mentors Can Teach Us About The New Digital World

Six Figure Mentors was launched by Stuart Ross on 9th December 2010

And the founding members and subsequent affiliates haven’t looked back since!

Stuart created Six Figure Mentors private membership training platform and community because he was driven by his belief of creating a special online worldwide business community. He had been hugely successful promoting another top tier direct sales training and education platform, but many things niggled him about that platform as it didn’t provide a seamless experience for the affiliates, and didn’t resolve many of the technology issues affiliates were experiencing.

Six Figure MentorsSo he became extremely passionate, and somewhat obsessed, about creating a ground breading training platform and community, which overcame the problems he believed we the ‘stumbling block’ for everyday affiliates in other systems. The two biggest of these was the difficulty people were having creating websites and lead capture pages (or opt-in pages), and transparency of community – where affiliates could openly communicate with each other to support and guide each other and openly debate the direction and ‘performance’ of Stuart and Six Figure Mentors.

Leverage The Internet Today

Now that the internet is out of it’s infancy, and is well entrenched in the lives of most of the Western world, the opportunity has never before been so widely available to learn how to ‘harness the power of the internet’ in order to create a sustainable income.

The people who are best placed to take advantage of this opportunity are those who would otherwise be stuck in the employment rut, working hard to make money for other people, exchanging their time for money.

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Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross is excited about the future because he strongly feels that as a collaboration around the world Six Figure Mentors can change the Internet marketing industry for the better.

Up until recently the industry is perceived as spammy, scammy, and full of sharks and snake oil salesmen. This is largely because early adopters were greedy and ruthless in their marketing tactics. There is a definite need for an overhaul of the perception of the industry, and the answer to that is to create a movement where marketing practices are taught to the discerning – which means no more preying on people’s greed!

There is also a gaping need for proper business resources. Not just another boring training platform, and not just another shallow opportunity that lacks structure and depth. But true Professional – Online Business – Community, designed by online marketers for online marketers and apprentice digital marketers.

So back in 2010, Stuart Ross launched his first vision of Six Figure Mentors. And like all new businesses, it had teething problems. The $4.95 entry price attracted a lot of people but not the quality of people who understood they had to take massive action themselves in order to change lives – because it wasn’t a push button, get rich overnight system.

There were also issues with storing or hosting affiliate websites online because some professional affiliates chose to host thousands of complex websites each, when, in fact, the idea was that affiliates would only need a couple of websites each. It wasn’t so much a capacity problem, but a problem with unscrupulous hackers which impacted all affiliates.

Stuart managed the many ‘teething’ issues in a business-like fashion, all the while, growing the membership and community of Six Figure Mentors.

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Jay Kubassek

Then in November 2012, something amazing happened. Stuart met another experienced digital marketer, Jay Kubassek, who was also disillusioned about how the industry was perceived and wanting to create a movement to turn the industry on it’s head. Stuart and Jay joined forces, after much deliberation and debate, and created The Digital Experts Academy which was launched on 19th January 2013. Digital Experts Academy is a new, enhanced platform, with some great unique functions not found anywhere else.

Their vision is to wake up millions of people to realize the tremendous potential that lies within themselves. And further, to show them how to harness and exploit this potential in the new, digital economy, by harnessing and leveraging the internet via digital marketing practices.

Wake Up!

This change is happening now.

Six Figure Mentors and The Digital Experts Academy provide detailed structured guidance, enhanced tools and technology, new products to market/consume and a more profitable business model. They always taking customer feedback on board, are always improving and enhancing the tools available within the community, and are always pioneering new methods of training. The first class experience with Six Figure Mentors is unrivaled elsewhere.

Their mission is to empower their members with the systems, tools, training and resources needed to exploit their inner-talents and abilities so that they can create a Digital Life.

Stuart and Jay have created the world’s most valuable digital marketing community and platform empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to flourish in the digital economy.

What’s Next?

Be serious about learning a new ‘future-proof’ skill, and providing for your family’s lifestyle, and take action today!

Start to network, attend our live webinars (live online trainings), watch all our updates and communicate with fellow members in order to fully maximise your inner talents, your entrepreneurial spirit, and the opportunity that abounds on the internet today.

Click here to change your life and change your future by learning how to leverage and harness the internet.

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