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Greg and Fiona Scott
We’re Greg & Fiona Scott and here we review the Six Figure Mentors Application Process

So The Six Figure Mentors is a world class digital marketing training platform, which provides you with ALL the tools and technology you need to build a winning online business.

When you join the Six Figure Mentors you’ll experience an incredible community of supportive, like-minded, entrepreneurs who will help you become successful too.

Your primary benefit for having a successful online business is to take back control of your life, AND realistically provide for your family in ways you’ve only ever dreamed of.

The power of the Six Figure Mentors digital business system and training platform, prepares you for every aspect of online entrepreneurship, starting with the laying solid business foundations, right through to gaining financial self reliance and time freedom to do as you please.

The Six Figure Mentors offers a serious ivy league education, delivered by 8 figure earner marketers, to budding entrepreneurs around the globe.

The Six Figure Mentors business system is designed for individuals like us who are prepared to invest in their continuing education, to up-skill themselves, to change their life as a result.

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What Exactly Is The Six Figure Mentors Application?

six figure mentors application reviewThe Six Figure Mentors believe that by first choosing to build a rock solid foundation for your business, you’ll be able to scale up your progress, making you able to provide solutions to more and more customers around the globe, therefore touching more lives.

BUT – and it’s a BIG BUT . . .

You’ll need to have what it takes in order to qualify.

And that’s that bottom-line criteria which forms the basis of the Six Figure Mentors Application Process. So the purpose of the Six Figure Mentors Application is to help you find out more about The Six Figure Mentors, but at the same time, help us establish if the Six Figure Mentors (or SFM for short) is a good fit for you, and is able to help you achieve your ultimate goal of financial and time freedom – to do what you want, when you want, with who you want!

Our core values are embodied in our private community – which has taken a lot of time, energy and nurturing to develop. So we want to capture that founding environment for all new people coming in.

ASix Figure Mentors Applications an exclusive private community, we’ve determined over time, that people who get the most out of our products and training have many qualities in common. They understand the need for respect and contribution in the Six Figure Mentors community in order to protect the unique blend of camaraderie, support and connected involvement we’ve cultivated.

This commonality of entrepreneurial belief and care needs to be carried on to benefit and engage new members. So this elite element requires protection. Therefore, it goes without saying, that the SFM will best help people who have the right entrepreneurial mindset.

The application process is in place to measure this criteria. So if you’re considering applying – read this list of 10 qualifications and ask yourself: “Is this me?”

Six Figure Mentors Application==>You must have strong morals: You must believe in doing the right thing, even when that is not the route to the quickest result. You must value integrity over easy return and reputation over financial gain.

==>You must be committed to excellence: You must be someone that does their best in everything they do.

==>You must be accepting of others: You are someone who does not pass judgement. You live, and let live.

==>You follow through and finish what you start: You are fully committed to the process you have set out to perform. You follow a plan that makes your performance predictable.

==>You are goal oriented: You are someone who takes consistent action to achieve their goals and finish what they start.

==>You are an open minded and eager student: You are someone who is willing to put aside everything they believe to be true and embrace new technologies and new mindsets in order to rise above the level of mediocrity (irrespective of your age – we’re no spring chickens!).

==>You are persistent beyond exception: You know success is rooted in persistence, regardless of the circumstances.

==>You are willing to earn your success: You are NOT entitled, expecting something for nothing. You are willing to do the work required to get the end result you desire.

==>You are an optimist: You tend to be a “glass half-full” type of person. You see the best side of everyone and every situation.

==>Your ego is in check: You are a team player. You know that success’ only enemy is ego.

The Six Figure Mentors offers a one of a kind online education environment, providing you with the critical thinking skills and professional expertise required to become a leader in today’s digital economy.

So, if you answered ‘YES!’ to the points above, click the image below to apply now:

Apply For Your Six Figure Mentors Membership

The Six Figure Mentors are dedicated to help you achieve the life you choose.

What Will You Get Out Of The Six Figure Mentors Application?


First of all, before you can consider receiving the Six Figure Mentors Application Bonuses, which  in our view, are well worth the 30 seconds it will take you to do this, you need to visit the Six Figure Mentors landing page pictured, and enter your name and email address.

Click the Image on the below (It’ll open up in new window!)

The Six Figure Mentors Application Process
Escape The Rat Race, Live Anywhere And Join The New Rich!

Enter your primary email address and click ‘Send Me The Presentations!’

You’ll then be taken through to a thank you page and will receive your complimentary 7 day marketing training and email follow ups which will direct you back to the thank you page informing you of the Six Figure Mentors Application opportunity.

So do that now, before reading on.

Click the image above, enter your primary email address, click ‘Send Me The Presentations!’ then finish reading this Six Figure Mentors Application Review to start making big changes in your life.


The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy Application Video Presentation

Clikc For The Six Figure Mentors Application Pack
Get Your Six Figure Mentors Application Pack!

Once you complete your application, you’ll then be directed to the application submission page and start to receive emails, video messages, follow up calls and invitations to live webinar trainings, showing you the benefits of applying to join the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

In this application video presentation, Jay Kubassek invites you to make a risk free application to the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

There are two student SFM/DEA application levels which are shown in the image below. Each student application level offers you a differing number of first class bonuses.

Click the image for further information.

The Six Figure Mentors Application Process
Both are 100% refundable within 30 days if you decide this is not for you. No questions asked!


Get ready to unlock the FULL POTENTIAL of the SFM Business System when you Sign Up for The Express Application – simply click the image below

Sign Up For the VIP Application
Sign Up For the VIP Application

As soon as you complete your Six Figure Mentors application you’ll receive follow up consultation calls as mentioned.

Schedule A CAll
Schedule A Call

You can also arrange this call yourself. Take note of where you go to Schedule A Call – which is the Digital Lifestyle & SFM Membership Consultation call promised to you on submission of your application.

This call is important as you’ll receive personal one-on-one attention by a trained consultant on affiliate marketing and online business.

This call will give you the legitimate information you need, to work out if building an online business is the right avenue or approach for you to create a sustainable income for the rest of your life. A new digital life that involves working:

–          where you chose (most people chose to work from home)

–          when you chose (no more alarm clocks!)

–          with who you chose (no more grumpy boss!)

Stuart Ross Live Webinar for SFM Apllicants
Click To Register For Stuart’s Live Webinar

The very next thing you’ll want to do is register to join Stuart Ross on a live webinar training, which will most likely take place on a Monday.

Before you join the live training, Stuart asks that you prepare yourself by watching two further short videos before attending the live webinar.

The first video gives you the scoop on why and how it’s possible to work when you want, where you want and how often you want – without doing any personal selling or taking phone calls.

And the second video gives you great tips on what products to sell online – very valuable information – as this is the KEY point that most people want (and need) to know.

Truly – the answer is obvious, when you know it – so that will be revealed when you watch the second preparatory video before Stuart’s live webinar.

Now, if you’re serious about living YOUR Digital Life in the next 6 – 12 months, then the live webinar will be very valuable to you.

Watch this short Welcome video from Stuart Ross telling you about the live webinar. Just so you don’t miss out, watch it here:


The Link Below The Video

Here’s what this FREE live private training will do for you:

1. You’ll discover a totally unique way to get incredible results by plugging into a product line and system that cost close to $1,000,000 to develop. (HINT: You Can Get Started Right Away)

2. You’ll discover how to finally get paid what you’re worth … without having to worry about selling or even telling, whilst BANKING $1000 + per sale!

3. You’ll discover a unique formula for attracting customers that allows you to only attract motivated prospects who know the value of what you’re offering, and are predisposed to trust you.

4. You’ll discover why it’s often more profitable to do the exact polar opposite of what everyone else is doing, especially in Internet Marketing.

5. You’ll discover an easy and effective way to make sales … without having to act “salesy” and without having to resort to making any hypey claims or market unprofessional snake oil salesman systems (like everyone else does).

6. You’ll discover why the best thing you could do is stop trying to crack all the tech stuff and “marketing systems” immediately … and why it’s usually much easier and more profitable to just run your business with a pen, paper, and spending your time ONLY on simple money producing activities.

Actually, there’s lots more content to learn in this training and its 100% free.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask Stuart himself, co-founder of the SFM, whatever burning question it is you want answered. Or maybe you’ll just listen to other people’s questions, because you can bet your bottom dollar that other’s will ask what you too are wondering about.

Reckon you’ll be best placed to decide that SFM is right for you after that?

Well, there’s even more training to help you.

Yes, the BONUSES, Included 100% for You.

Next – we’ll tell you what you need to know about the Express Application Bonuses you receive when you sign up for the Six Figure Mentors Express Application!


Sign Up For the Express Application
Sign Up For the Express Application

Get ready to TAKE IN the “Zero to Six Figures” Workshop training as soon as you sign up for your Six Figure Mentors Application.

Click the image below for further information.

Six Figure Mentors Application Express Bonus
It’s 100% risk-free! If you cancel within 30 days and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.

For the Six Figure Mentors Express Application, you’ll receive three complimentary bonuses in addition to your business consultancy call and your live webinar training with Stuart.

FREE Month Student[1] FREE Months of our Student+ Membership account gives you an entire month to take in the bonus information and training provided to you.

This is valued at $20

[2] Once you’re application is completed, you’ll gain instant access to the bonus private workshop recordings with Stuart Ross valued at $497!

Yours to keep!

And to watch in your time frame – however once you start watching we bet you won’t want to stop!

This is what to expect from your Internet Laptop Lifestyle training – and where you go to access it:

student account zero to six figures workshop progress
Sign Up For the Express Application

Internet Laptop LifestyleAs you can see, the video training is broken down into a series of short videos so you can watch them at your leisure when you have the necessary time.

The training is also progressive, so it builds up as you go through the videos. So make sure you watch them all one after another in order to gain a full understanding of what’s involved in building your online business working from home (maybe even in your spare time)

As we said above – once you start watching the training, we bet you won’t want to stop!

Here’s a glimpse of some of the video bonuses you’ll receive with your risk free application!

SFM Application ReviewThe Six Figure Mentors Formula

Use this time tested, paint by numbers formula to create a six figure income online, even without having any of your own products to sell!


SFM Application Review

Automated Marketing Funnel

Discover how to use automated marketing funnels that sort and sift leads, generating consistent sales 24/7 365 days a year!


SFM Application ReviewList Building

How to effortlessly build a list of targeted subscribers without having to do anything technical or complicated. (500 + leads a day potential)



Apply For Your Six Figure Mentors Membership

At any stage during the “Zero to Six Figures” training, you can choose to upgrade your account when you’ve learned enough to realise the SFM education and exclusive private community is a good fit for you and is your very best opportunity to start an online business today. Simply click the image below.

Six Figure Mentors Application
Click to Upgrade Now

[3] Behind The Scenes Tour

Behind The Scenes of SFM TourHere you get to experience the SFM Member dashboard, or back office as some people like to call it, so you get a taste of how information is presented in a step by step, modular format, with easy progression checks along the way.

Extensive teaching experience has determined that most people learn and remember the fastest this way.

The next part of the application process directs you to a business overview page where you’ll have the opportunity to review the Six Figure Mentors business system overview, and choose to take out a full membership with the Six Figure Mentors.

This application pack is an extremely high value offer for an incredibly low price!


Six Figure Mentors Application V.I.P. Bonuses
It’s 100% risk-free! If you cancel within 30 days and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked

So for the V.I.P. Application Pack, not only do you receive EVERYTHING included in the Six Figure Mentors Express Application Pack shown above, you also get:

  • your one-on-one private consultation with a Senior Business Coach
  • that one-on-one private consultation with a Senior Business Coach on the same or next business day that you complete your Six Figure Mentors Application Process
  • AND Immediate Approval of your Six Figure Mentors Application

Select the VIP Application to receive Jay Kubassek’s Black BOOK. It’s called:

5 Steps To Unlocking Your Inner Entrepreneur And Writing Your Own Paycheck – For Life

The BlackBOOKJay Kubassek, World Leader in Home Business Training & Development, designed this 51 page guide to show you how to unlock your inner entrepreneur to unleash the power to write your own pay check—for life.

That’s right!

Be a successful entrepreneur capable of ?ring your boss and sustaining yourself through work that is ful?lling and rewarding to you.

Jay takes you through his 5 steps, in black and white, in this trusty life-changing guide.

Jay Kubassek's BlackBOOK
Sign Up For the VIP Application

It’s a manual written for average people who are stepping into the world of online marketing and small business for the ?rst time.

The information is compiled in a bid to “?ll the gaps” for new marketers and small business people. So that when you tap into your online marketing training, you have a deeper understanding of the “bigger picture”. This will assist you to understand the processes, tools and technology we use to capture market share online.

However, anything worth having is worth working for and there’s no way on earth that Jay, or anyone else for that matter, can guarantee the results you get. Not only is it unrealistic and misleading to make any guarantees to you, it’s illegal. As effort and energy is required on your part – the ball is in your court!

He gives you tacit advice on how entrepreneurs think, what you need to start a business, how to define your X-Factor, how to set up your rock solid foundations, and coverage of online marketing 101.

To obtain Jay Kubassek’s Black BOOK now, click here to access it as part of your Six Figure Mentors VIP Application pack.

What We Like The Most About The Six Figure Mentors Application?

One-one-one Private Business Consultation – tailored to your circumstances

SFM business consultantWhat we like most about the Six Figure Mentors Application, without doubt, is the fact that you can speak to a real person who’s trained and qualified to help you and answer your questions.

SFM is a life changing opportunity, therefore, we believe it’s crucial you do your due diligence and get your questions answered directly, so you’re able to make an informed decision if online business and digital marketing is right for you and your family.

Not even universities speak to new enrollees first to check their chosen course is suitable to their learning style and future career or employment prospects. The Six Figure Mentors Application stands out from other education platforms in this respect.

Bonus “Zero to Six Figures” Workshop training in your home

The high definition video training is divided into progressive easy-to-learn chunks, or modules. It’s specifically designed to give you a full understanding of what’s involved in building your online business working from home (maybe even in your spare time), to bring you up to speed to the base level of understanding required to join the Six Figure Mentors education platform, income opportunity, and exclusive private community.

We’re in the business of changing lives by leveraging the internet – we take this training seriously, and believe the bonus training in the Six Figure Mentors Application is pitched and presented well for the average person to understand.

Furthermore, we truly rate the cutting-edge bonus training. It’s easy to navigate, step by step education, delivering the basics of online marketing and online business to you.

Live Webinar with the Co-Founder of The Six Figure Mentors

Stuart Ross SFM Application
Sign Up For the Six Figure Mentors Application

We encourage you to get on the live webinar with Stuart. You’ll very quickly learn that he is passionate about people having the power to change their own lives, he’s brutally honest about the state of the online marketing niche or market, and he’s genuinely intent on getting people to help each other via the exclusive private community.

Maybe it’s a bit of a drawback, depending on which way you look at it, BUT . . . Stuart can talk for England (what we mean is that he has a LOT to say!) – that’s testament to his passion, authenticity and sharing nature.

You have to experience it yourself to believe what we’re saying here. That’s all.

And we’ve saved the best bit till last –

Six Figure Mentors Application Pack money back guaranteeIt’s All Risk Free!

We want you to be absolutely blown away by what we have put together for you. So you will have 30-days to review everything. If you are not 100% happy, simply ask and we will give you all your money back. No questions asked.

There’s EVERYTHING to gain and nothing to lose!

What We Don’t Like So Much About The Six Figure Mentors Application?

invest in yourselfWe know the Six Figure Mentors Application is definitely not for everyone. It’s not for dreamers or dabblers or people who think they can make quick cash or get rich overnight without investing any time, money or energy! It’s tailored to people who are motivated to take control of their lives, by investing in themselves – in order to build a successful online business to provide time freedom and financial security for them and their loved ones.

That’s the primary purpose for the Six Figure Mentors Application process however. It might seem to some people like too much effort to complete the application pack and submission from, but it is necessary to separate the ‘wood from the chaff’ so to speak.

Hope that makes sense!

Some people might be a bit dubious about sharing their personal dreams and aspirations via the application questionnaire, at a point when they don’t really know who the Business Consultant is who they’ll be speaking to after reading their application submission. If that’s the case, we recommend people just reveal enough about themselves which they’re comfortable with – at the same time, bearing in mind the more information provided about existing circumstances and experience, the better quality advice you’ll receive as a result.

There is a LOT of training inside the Six Figure Mentors Application, so some people can become quickly overwhelmed as they believe they need to know everything before they upgrade to full membership.

There is a step by step modular system for getting started, but some perfectionist type people try and look beyond that and race ahead, and the result is – overwhelm and confusion.

Another big drawback with the Six Figure Mentors Express Application is you have to wait for a Business Consultant to get in touch with you. If you’re naturally a bit impatient, like Fiona, we suggest you go for the Six Figure Mentors VIP Application.

Six Figure Mentors Application Review – Final Comment

If you have certain levels of pluck, perseverance and determination to change your life, pumping through your veins, read on.

And if you’re someone who’s dream is to be an entrepreneur and live life on YOUR terms with freedom, adventure and true wealth (which means true financial security) for yourself and your family… then The Six Figure Mentors might be for you.

There’s really only one way to find out!

And that is . . .

Click here to submit your application and engage in the live webinars, video training and business consultancy call.

Here’s what the Digital Experts Academy say about us as their Gold Marketing Mentors:

Greg and Fiona Scott DEA Gold Mentors

Greg and Fiona Scott SFM affiliate competitionIf you would like to apply to become a Six Figure Mentors member and join our team, you’ll be joining with very pro-active and helpful Six Figure Mentors Elite members who have been with SFM since it was launched in November 2010. We’re TOP Affiliates for the company, are Black Founder Members of the Digital Experts Academy, and are Business Marketing Mentors for Gold level members of the Digital Experts Academy.

These positions are the pinnacle of the SFM so we’re ideally placed to help and support you.

Take a look at the testimonials of other people to help you decide.

BUT . . . you have to complete your Six Figure Mentors Application first. It’s not much to ask, is it?

Here’s What You Need To Do Now:

[1]  Consider all we’ve shared with you and decide for yourself it’s well worth the $100 investment for the Six Figure Mentors VIP Application  (remember it’s the one where you don’t have to wait, and you get Jay Kubassek’s pivotal Black BOOK to read). Also consider the time you’ll need to invest to engage with the training, and to up-skill yourself for the digital revolution the world is going through right now.

[2]  Alternatively, invest only $19.95 (the price of approximately 5 cups of coffee) to investigate the Six Figure Mentors Express Application option – if you’re a bit more patient than Fiona.

The choice is yours. Either way, purchase the Six Figure Mentors application pack by clicking the button below – and get set for your digital lifestyle.


Apply For Your Six Figure Mentors Membership

Greg and Fiona Scott





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