Jay Kubassek - The Man

Who Is Jay Kubassek and Why Is He Co-Founder Of Digital Experts Academy?

” A younger, hipper version of Tony Robbins, Jay Kubassek has the capacity to inspire.” – The Toronto Star

Jay Kubassek - The Man
Jay Kubassek – The Man

In our opinion, Jay Kubassek is a Serial Entrepreneur, Mindset Master, Lover of Life, Wise Head on Young Shoulders, Authentic, Genuine, and a Leader. He’s covered a lot of ground in his 30+ years, but has impacted thousands of people’s lives in the process.

So what drives him – and what lead him to establish the Digital Experts Academy?

As with all stories, his starts at the very beginning!

Jay Kubassek had a religious upbringing, starting life on a communal farm in rural Canada. Shut off from the outside world, he learnt to share and to pull together co-operatively to help others.

But he was exploratory and inquisitive. He began investigating soil efficiency for communal crops to increase the output of their small community. Which lead Jay Kubassek to become curious about the outside world – new experiences, and a new way of living, outside of the controlling environment of the commune.

Jay Kubassek with Greg and Fiona Scott
Us sharing a drink with Jay

Leaving the commune was a monumental decision for an young person in their early 20’s when they’ve not really had to think for themselves or look after themselves before. There was NO going back. It was a one-way decision.

He took a job selling mufflers at Midas, and found strength in helping people, by being frank and genuine with them, which boosted sales. Life was humming along until . . . he was offered a stake in the local Midas franchise. Which was the exact point Jay realised his efforts were building value for the company by boosting customer service and sales. So, if he could create value for someone else, wouldn’t it be better to do the same for himself?

This self-realisation lead Jay Kubassek to start searching . . . and discovered the internet. Another whole new world! He appreciated the challenge of learning something new and redirected his selling skills into embracing affiliate marketing – drawn in by affiliate competitions. He’s competitive by nature – and would’ve won that first affiliate competition had he built up the self-confidence to fully invest in the company’s products. Not a mistake anyone would repeat!

Jay Kubassek’s CarbonCopyPro days

Understanding affiliate marketing and top tier direct sales lead Jay Kubassek to create CarbonCopyPro back in 2007. He had a vision to build a community of serious entrepreneurs who genuinely wanted to help each other create sustainable wealth. CarbonCopyPro provided high end top tier products covering all facets of personal wealth education and management. It provided members with tools like websites, training and autoresponders too.

CarbonCopyPro and Jay KubassekTo expand the network and community Jay partnered CarbonCopyPro up with Wealth Masters International to corner 160 countries worldwide. Not bad for a young lad from rural Canadian!

However, structural changes adopted by Wealth Masters International required a re-branding of CarbonCopyPro – so Jay Kubassek’s next venture, PRO U, was born.

PRO U was a platform promoting entrepreneurial success for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals who were seeking to increase their effectiveness and results. PRO U specialised in delivering live physical experiences as well as virtual mentorships, covering every aspect of entrepreneurism.

Jay Kubassek was in the process of overcoming a branding hiccup, when he bumped into Stuart Ross at a marketing event in April 2012.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Sharing the same values and the same vision of the digital marketing world, they joined forces and founded the Digital Experts Academy as obvious progression from The Six Figure Mentors affiliate marketing training system and community. Via this unique exclusive private education platform and community, they’re on a mission to wake people up to the alternatives and choices that are around them.

Rather than live life in mediocrity – unfulfilled, overworked, stressed, stuck and dependent – they re-educate people to harness the internet (the digital world) to realize the tremendous potential that lies within themselves – so people become self-made and self-reliant.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are in the business of changing people’s lives – of transitioning people from the old, broken economy to the new digital economy, just like Jay himself has transformed his own life from humble beginnings.

Jay Kubassek movie maker

Jay Kubassek is a man of many talents include being a dad, dog lover, speaker and trainer, real estate developer, Baja off-road racer, member of the New York Blue Elephant Polo team, self-taught cellist, amateur photographer, amateur chef and indie film producer – and all round top bloke.

Jay Kubassek’s Values are noteworthy:

  • I AM HONEST: I am at my best when I am authentic with my communication and intentions.

  • I CREATE A PLAN: I am at my best when I have a plan, I look at the process, and I am willing to stick to it.

  • I AM COMMITTED: I am at my best when I am committed and have persistence. I make the decision to control what I can control and work with what I’ve got.

  • I BUILD A TEAM: I am at my best when I surround myself with a team and we act as a team. I am at my best when I surround myself with those I love.

  • I SHOW COMPASSION: I am at my best when I show compassion and treat others with the same respect that I expect to be treated with.

  • I EARN MY WAY: I am willing to do whatever it takes to earn my success. I can truly say, “I deserve this.”

  • I AM COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE: I am at my best when I do my absolute best in everything I do, making those around me better and taking responsibility for everything I touch.

In a nutshell – Jay Kubassek is a man to look up to, and a man to follow in the Digital Experts Academy.

Greg and Fiona Scott with Jay Jubassek and Stuart Ross
Digital Experts Academy Gold Training

We’ve partnered with Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross as Black Founding Member of Digital Experts Academy to deliver the Gold level member marketing coaching.

The Digital Experts Academy is a private membership based community. Prospective members can only be referred by an existing member, so click here to be referred by us.

Membership is granted upon successful completion of an SFM application and interview.

If you believe you have what it takes to wake up to the opportunities on the internet in order to change your life – join Jay Kubassek, Stuart Ross and us on an entrepreneurial journey to success. Click the image below to change your life starting today!

Digital Experts AcademyI’d LOVE to Join Jay Kubassek in the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy

Greg and Fiona Scott
Greg and Fiona Scott
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

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