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How To Make A Six Figure Income Online Without Selling

how to make a six figure incomeSo just how do you make a six figure income online without selling then?

Start with a seven figure investment and whittle it down lol 🙂

Sorry – couldn’t resist an oldie but a goodie.

What about making five figures online and marrying into money on the side – although you’ll likely have to forsake good looks and attraction?

Seriously, knowing how to make a six figure income is a sought after skill, but it’s quite achievable when you seek the right attitude, training and support

Six Figure Income Definition Time

But first things first, what is a six figure income exactly?

As we’re talking about leveraging the internet, where many items are priced in US dollars irrespective of where you live, we’ll talk in terms of USD or $’s.

So a six figure income means an income after related costs are deducted, so it’s in the hand but before taxes, which ranges anywhere between $100,000 and $999,999. So quite it’s a large range!

If someone asks: “Do you make six figures?” and you earn exactly $99,999, you’d have to answer No.

It’s an unusual term ‘six figure income‘, when you consider the range actually spans $899,999, which is a lot of money in anyone’s language.

Now we know how much we’re talking, let’s consider the basic characteristics you need to have to easily be able to generate a six figure income working online from home.

How To Make A Six Figure Income From Home

As you’re your own boss, and answer to no-one else, there’s five basic building blocks you need to have in order to generate that all important income to make six figures from home:


How bad do you want to make six figures online? You need to have a very definite goal, and a pig-headed approach to making it happen.


This isn’t for the lazy, as there is no big red button to push that will cause $100,000 to land in your bank account all of a sudden. Consistent effort is required – and working smart too. This is not the time for making excuses? Becasue no effort, means no results.


Learning takes time. But knowledge is king, and experience (i.e.: getting your hands dirty) is queen. The more you educate yourself, the easier things become.


You have to remain optimistic through thick and thin. In the online world there’s a curve ball or speed bump around every corner. Remaining positive and optimistic will keep you driving forward.


People are drawn to those they have an affinity for – so be sure to share your character and personality and what you’re up to in the world. Be the real you. Be authentic. And people will line up to do business with you. Word or warning however, there will always be haters, or jealous people, so be prepared for them.

Notice that sales skills isn’t one of them?

Interested In Generating A Six Figure Income Online?

Assuming you have the five essential qualities to make six figures online, what’s the next step to making it happen, without having to sell?

Well you’re very unlikely to make six figures blogging, as it’s very hard to achieve, so let’s consider leveraging a six figure income system instead.

You might be wondering, does such a thing exist? I thought you said there isn’t a big red button out there on the world wide web? Well there isn’t, but there is a six figure income system that provides you with all the structure, training and tools you need to make that illusive six figures a reality.

The good news is you don’t need to be super clever. And you don’t need to be a computer nerd or have grown up with a laptop in your crib. But you do need to put in a lot of effort, and have a fair ounce of desire, optimism and personality too. The knowledge, training and experience comes with the system. And so does the selling!

Introducing, The Very Best Six Figure Income System

The very best six figure system is none other than Six Figure Mentors, which is a digital business system that includes EVERYTHING you need to succeed online to make six figures and above.

In a nutshell, Six Figure Mentors includes:

Step-By-Step Modular Training – it’s hands on and easy to follow. Just watch each and every HD video and implement the training straight away to build a global small business which you can operate from anywhere in the world.

Weekly Master Marketing Training – which is what’s working now and is delivered by leaders who walk the talk and achieve extraordinary results in the process.

Earn While You Learn Opportunity – included in the system is one of the most simple, but very profitable (this is the six figure part) affiliate marketing opportunities in the world. The BEST part is, they have a professional sales team who do all the customer conversion for you. Seriously!

Membership Of An Exclusive Private Community – so you can connect with other like –minded six figure learners and earners, as you’ll have a lot in common and will be able to help each other out (it can be quite lonely sitting at home with your laptop)

Personal Business Coach System – one-on-one guidance from experts to ensure you stay on track toward your six figure goal.

Access To Their Proprietary Digital Business Lounge – this is the answer to your prayers as it includes an easy to use website builder and all the tools and components you need to build a successful online income.

Six Figure Mentors is the crème de la crème.

Look no more – it’s the solution to your six figure problem and is the answer to how to make a six figure income online without selling.

The Laptop Lifestyle Experts



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Mastering The Way You Make Six Figures Is Not An Accident – It’s A Skill You Can Learn

You’re an aspiring entrepreneur.

You want nothing more than to establish a six figure (plus) business – not only for the financial security of KNOWING you have a sustainable business, BUT also to experience the comfort of success, and to have your friends and family know you’ve made it too!

So this is one of the most significant and time-saving of posts about making six figures to read right now.

We’re Greg & Fiona, and we make six figures online by generating multiple streams of income – which means promoting a whole bunch of different, but related, products as an affiliate.

An affiliate is kind of like a commissioned sales person, however we don’t need to meet the customers – or even talk to them for that matter. We get paid a cushy commission for simply referring prospective customers to the merchant whose product we love to promote.

The merchant pays great commissions because it’s cheaper and easier for them to do rather than advertising to find the customers themselves. And because they make more sales, so make more money.

We also mentor and coach hundreds of people one-on-one, from around the globe, each year, on how to build their online businesses too. So we’re very familiar with the barriers or mis-conceptions most people have when learning how to make a six figure income.

Do You Make Six Figures Yet?

how to make a six figure incomeIf not, maybe it’s because you’re trying to over-think things or over-complicate things.

From our extensive mentoring and coaching experience – we’ve learnt that the smartest people generally can’t accept that it’s as easy as it is. That is – they think is has to be hard to earn a substantial and sustainable income online.

And because of that, they over-complicate stuff. They don’t use the tools they’re given. And they don’t listen to our tried and tested instructions.

They think they know better!

Or, more importantly, the struggle to grasp that it is as easy as we tell them.

(To be completely frank – we were guilty of the same mistake when we started out!)

So if you truly want to know how to make six figures THE fastest way, then . . .

Two words.

High Ticket.

Or top tier. Same difference!

Consider this scenario . . .

We ALL take a while to decide if we’re going to spend $29.95, $297, $2,000, $5,000, or even $20,000 on a purchase.

And take it from us, the effort that goes into presenting a $29.95 product online for sale, is pretty much the same effort that goes into presenting a $20,000 product online! Yes, really!

Now, the volume of traffic you need to drive to a $20,000 product is, obviously, going to have to be loads, loads more than the traffic required to sell a $29.95 product. But, when you learn how to target traffic and keep driving it like a flock of sheep from the high country down into the home pens (more on that below), you’ll understand the true profit potential of high ticket/top tier – and the reality that making six figures online is a skill you can easily learn.

Let’s do some numbers.

Consider selling an affiliate product for a commission of $97 per sale.

To make $100,000 per annum you need to make, on average, 86 sales a month – of a $97 commission product.

BUT . . .

If you’re promoting a high ticket $8,000 commission product like a top tier Six Figure Mentors product, you only need to make, on average, just over one sale each month in order to gross $100,000 per annum.

Sounds like a lot less work. And it is.

Particularly when the product sells itself!

Quit The 9-5, and Make Six Figures From Home

how to make six figures a yearYou know you only need to average just over one high ticket sale per month, which pays a $8,000 commission, in order to cinch that six figure salary per annum.

Actually, with the affiliate commission structure of Six Figure Mentors, you don’t even need to average one sale a month to make $100,000 per annum, but we won’t complicate matters – so we’ll keep the figures simple.

The secret to these results is targeting the right customers!

Easier said than done.

Unless you have the right training.

And, Six Figure Mentors have training covered too.

Consider this scenario:

If you’re in the business of making paper out of timber (let’s pretend), you won’t get high grade paper pulp by adding recycled plastic to the wood chips, would you?

Or, if you’re processing the wrong type of trees, you won’t get the highest grade of pulp you want either.

The same applies to selling high ticket products online!

If you’re attracting people who are not * already * interested in your offer, you simply won’t get the right KIND of buyers, or have the right NUMBER of buyers to make $100,000 per annum.

The Six Figure Mentor training will help you gain a customer base who be attracted to you and will happily interact with you. They’ll be people who will have similar interests as you, and share the same values as you.

So the secret is not in attracting volumes of people to make loads of $97 commission based sales.

It’s all about getting the correct training so you can attract much lower numbers of quality, targeted people – people who like you – who are already in the market looking for what you have to offer as an affiliate.

Hope that makes sense?

Now – does this mean you have to been in your mid-forties with a focus on a comfy retirement in order to learn how to make six figures a year as a high ticket affiliate?

How To Make Six Figures Out Of College

making six figuresThe online world is ‘ripe for picking’ for all ages.

It matters not if you’re in your 40’s and fed up of scrambling up the corporate like Jack In the Beanstalk. Or if you’re fresh out of college, having spent many tender years with your nose in books, only to discover there’s no job for you at the end of it all.

Guess you just have to trust us on that one, until you experience the quality step-by-step training for yourself.

But, you’ll be thrilled to know, whatever your age, sex, race, or nationality – there’s a robustly supportive private community of people all round the globe – there to support each other and to support you – irrespective of your background and prior knowledge.

That’s a definite plus of Six Figure Mentors – the only training system that provides like-minded community support, step-by-step marketing training * AND* the very real opportunity to make six figures a year.

For free video training to discover more, click here and enter your primary email address now.

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