7 Tips For Selecting The Best Internet Marketing Coach

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You’re fed up to the back teeth with your current circumstances so now’s the time to leverage the internet and make your dream lifestyle a reality. But . . . where do you start? That’s the 40 million dollar question?

And it’s a good question to ask because it proves you’re keen to learn, you have an open mind, and you realise the answer can be found on the internet.

Now, you already appreciate learning a totally new skill like online marketing or promoting other peoples products on the internet, is an education in itself. But it’s not something that’s offered at Universities bizarrely enough. So you’d be smart to get the best internet marketing coach to advise you. Right?

How To Start An Online Marketing Business The Right Way

The hint is in the title – yup, it is a business. And as such, one that does require some research, or detective work, and some investment.

Simply because there’s a LOT of hype and shysters out there in the big wide internet world, it’s easy to be led to believe you just need to click a few buttons and money will come spewing out of your computer. In reality – the truth is very different.

Most people really and truly struggle to make their first $1 online as an affiliate marketer. So they waste precious time looking at affiliate marketing reviews, or make money online reviews, or internet marketing reviews and forums where the uneducated spout forth their two cents worth. Those methods are like the blind leading the blind!

Instead, you need to do some investigative work to find an internet marketing coach to help you go from dream to reality. We have some free training here to get you started.

Doing your investigative research will take time, but you need to know what to look out for. Because there’s far too many unqualified coaches trying to make a dollar out of teaching when they can’t actually walk the talk themselves.

To help you do your due diligence, we’ve put together our top 7 tips for selecting the best internet marketing coach. Here’s what to look out for:

[1]        Look At The Track Record Of An Affiliate Marketing Coach

What evidence does a coach provide of their past experience on their website?

When did they say they started their own online business? Because it takes most people at least six months to make a few sales online, and considerably longer (like at least 2 years) to generate a consistent sustainable income online. Some people get quicker results when they do exactly as they’re told and don’t overcomplicate stuff – but that’s rare (we’re all human after all).

Have they ‘been around the block’ and are they still making money? If so, they KNOW WHAT’S WORKING NOW – which is vitally important that they pass that knowledge onto you. There’s nothing more frustrating that wasting your time implementing a marketing strategy which no longer works (we know from first-hand experience) – because the internet is always changing and evolving.

BTW – if they don’t have a website, run a mile – for obvious reasons.

This reknown six figure mentor coach has some free training to get you started.

[2]        Check For A ‘True Blue’ Internet Marketing Coaching Program

What’s the reputation of a coach or coaching program?

Do they provide evidence of information (maybe testimonials) of the results their students are getting – and do they put names and faces to those students.

Can you Google them and find people talking highly of them. Beware though of rogue affiliate marketers using the coach’s name followed by the word ‘scam’ in an underhand bid to divert people to their rubbish offers. Beware of bad-mouthing students who were not diligent enough to implement what they were taught. And beware unethical competitor coaches dissing their better counterparts!

A good coach or coaching program will have a solid social profile too – so check them out on Facebook and see what they post (hopefully not spamming offers all the time), how frequently they post (a few times a week would be ideal), and what interaction they get.

[3]        How Will You Be Supported?

Yes, we’re talking about customer service – which is notoriously bad in many online programs.

So try emailing your selected mentor and ask about the program they offer and if they provide individual one-on-one help if needed. Because no matter how smart you are, sometime things simply don’t go to plan. Systems change. Platforms change. Your laptop could throw a hissy fit. You WILL HAVE QUESTIONS pop up when you’re learning and implementing, and you’ll want answers in a timely manner.

The true test is how long it takes them to respond to you!

[4]        Are They Compatible With Your Learning Style?

Do you prefer to watch interactive webinars? Or watch videos. Or read screeds of text?

It’s important information is presented in a digestible way for you – so you can take it on board and implement it straight away.

It’s also important to know videos will stream well on your laptop with your normal internet connection. Although this should not be a show-stopper. After all, if you’re taking your online marketing education seriously, then you ought to invest in a modern laptop and fast wifi.

Finally, is the training or tuition, step-by-step? That’s the preferred way for most people to learn something online. See this training for a taster.

[5]        Is There An Internet Marketing Mentor Community?

Sadly, it’s a bit lonely sitting at home – just you and your computer.

You sometimes feel the real world is far removed. So having a like-minded community of people to connect with provides a happy connection.

It really and truly pays to associate with people who are learning the same thing as you, who are following the same path as you, and who are having the same struggles as you. Not only so you don’t feel isolated, but so you have a sounding board to act as a reality check.

[6]        Do They Provide A Whole Person Approach?

Do they only provide training on marketing strategies and tactics? Or do they also provide guidance on developing a winning, entrepreneurial mindset?

Because there WILL be motivational issues to deal with. And there will be times when you don’t progress as quickly as you’d like. And there will be times when life gets in the way. How do we know? We’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

Learning how to build a winning online business isn’t only about following step by step marketing training. It’s also about managing your mind, the way you think, and how you cope when the chips are down.

The best online marketing mentors know mindset is PIVOTAL TO SUCCESS, so provide a means of helping you remain positive, stay productive, and work smart.

[7]        Check The Price Is Right!

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

The bottom line is – you need to invest in your education.

If you’re scouring internet marketing product reviews and internet business reviews looking for bargain basement training, then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

If you’re looking to invest in your business and in your dream lifestyle – that’s the first step to success. But what is the right price to pay?

The big marketing gurus are able to charge $20,000 for a week long mastermind – simply because their time is a premium.

Fake coaches who only talk the talk and not walk the talk charge peanuts – because that’s how they ‘get by’.

Online business coaches and mentors who are ‘worth their salt’ charge along the lines of what you’d pay to study at university. The difference being, you have a business at the end of your training, and not the struggle to get a job.

Executive Summary

So our conclusion is: follow our top 7 tips above and do your research.

But if you want to cut to the chase, avoid wasting any more time, and start your online training right now with the platform we got started with, then test drive Six Figure Mentors today – there’s a risk free 30 day money back guarantee – so you’re safe.

We wouldn’t be travelling the world, living a laptop lifestyle if it wasn’t for Six Figure Mentors. And there’s nothing special about us. We simply got the best training and coaching. Period.

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