How To Use Internet Business Training To Create Your Lifestyle Of Choice

To share with you how to use internet business training to create your lifestyle of choice today, we’re going to ‘pop over’ to Sorrento in Italy to see what Stuart Ross has to tell you. Click the video to find out:

Internet Business Training Video – Stuart Ross

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Stuart Ross is the co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy which is the fastest growing exclusive community delivering a digital marketing education online today.

The mission of the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy is to get people like you living a digital life, which means being in a position to write your own pay check, be financially self-sufficient without having to rely on a boss or a job or a traditional business, have absolutely no geographical ties, AND you can choose the hours you work.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Greg and Fiona ScottWell this lifestyle is not just reserved for the rich and famous because in 2013 we’ve managed to live 8 months in the sun, travelling the world as we please, purely because we can work where we choose as our business is all online.

For us it all started when we were both laid off at the same time back in 2009. We were forced to find an alternative source of income because no-one can humanly live in London surviving on Government hand outs.

It took us a while to get started, learn the ropes, and find our feet, but it wasn’t long before we were earning a comfortable income comparable to our corporate salaries – all thanks to the help and support of the Six Figure Mentors.

The priceless part is we don’t have to commute to work any longer, we don’t have to follow orders, or work long hours ever again. We work and live life on our terms – not terms laid down by someone else!

And once we were earning a sustainable income online we began to understand how easy it was to scale that income – which is very exciting we’re sure you’ll agree.

So, as Stuart says, rather than waiting to the end of each year hoping for a teeny weeny pay rise that wouldn’t even cover the cost of price rises throughout the year, we’re able to put a lot more energy into our business and scale our income a lot faster so we can travel the world at leisure.

All thanks to the internet and the Six Figure Mentors tools, training and community.

home internet business training

Now the interesting thing is, since we joined Stuart in the Six Figure Mentors at the beginning in 2010, we’ve been able to work with people from all round the world – people with different skill sets, people who aren’t technical whatsoever, people from different backgrounds who’ve never considered themselves as entrepreneurial before (like us), people of all different ages – just totally different people – because we’re all able to leverage the exact same system, tools and technology, included in the exclusive SFM membership.

People can get a head start immediately because they can start to earn while they learn online.

The biggest sector of people joining SFM is the baby boomer market – again, people like us who are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who want to get a fresh start or just get some new income streams to help their retirement.

We’ve also been working with people who are starting a family – parents in their 20’s and 30’s and 40’s who really want to provide more for their families and be there to see their children grow up and play an active part in that crucial period of child development.

We’ve even been working with young people who are just finishing college and university with no job to go to, or those who are dropping out of college or university too.

The great thing about working with such a diverse group of people is, we understand they all have similar problems with working on the internet. So, what the Six Figure Mentors has been working on since 2010, is eliminating all of the common pitfalls and providing a new education, which is been built by the new rich, to really show people what it is they need to be focusing on each day. That is, money producing activities.

The result is, we’ve been helping thousands of people around the world.

But . . . all this energy and effort has worked towards something very exciting!

free internet business trainingWhat the Six Figure Mentors has now produced is some free internet business training to share with you, which is usually only delivered to paying customers. This free internet business training will provide you with a very eye-opening education, explaining exactly what a digital life is and what it takes to create your digital life.

You’ll then have the opportunity to claim your free course, recorded behind closed doors in a private seminar, completely risk free. Delivery of this course requires that you first submit an application however.

The reason for the application is, it’s designed so we can get to know you and will give you the chance to get to know us too. But, most importantly, we’re going to provide you with a personal, risk free, lifestyle consultation with one of our business coaches.

Now the thing that people really love about this experience is that it’s one-on-one, on the phone – so you can really get all the necessary information you need and you can really come to us with your goals and what it is you’re looking to achieve online.

We can then give you personally tailored advice based on what you’re looking to achieve and what products will be a good fit for you.

We now have a product range starting at $200 right the way through to thousands of dollars, which are completely based on what you’re looking to achieve. Maybe you want some hands on coaching with us, maybe you want to attend some seminars, maybe you want to work your own way through the internet business training without spending much money at all, just to get some momentum.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we have something for everyone, and that’s what makes us incredibly unique. That’s why the Digital Experts Academy was recently reviewed on, a top 100 website, as a viable alternative to the traditional education system of going to college or university.

The great thing about our internet business training is: all you need is a laptop, computer, ipad or tablet – and an internet connection!

And it’s something you can get started on straight away.

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The first seven day training is totally complementary. Then you have the opportunity to claim some advanced training, which is again completely risk free. Then you’ll be in a position to decide if you want to get on the phone with us to find out more about our products and our training.

This is a genuine alternative to setting up an expensive business like a franchise.

Remember you’ll be able to earn while you learn. So if you’re in a job, or you’re currently committed in other areas of your life and you don’t have a lot of time – this is absolutely something you can build part time, and then start to scale up.

So if this sounds good, click the link below, enter your email address on that webpage and we’re going to start sending you this complementary information. Following that, it’s completely optional if you chose to submit your application to get on the phone with us – which is where we begin to really discuss what’s required to take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

The sky’s the limit these days on the internet.

Thanks for checking out this post and this internet business training video.

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home internet business training videos

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross




Greg and Fiona Scott
Greg & Fiona Scott





Our Six Figure Mentors Review

Is The Six Figure Mentors Your Answer To Freedom?

Click here for The Six Figure Mentors

Welcome To Our Six Figure Mentors Review

This is our own personal account or Six Figure Mentors Review. If you’re looking for the official Six Figure Mentors website, click here == > Six Figure Mentors – Official Site

six figure mentors review
Six Figure Mentors Review

The Six Figure Mentors is a private online training platform that shows you, step by step, how to set up your own online business without having to worry about the technological bits. It then goes on to teach you how to market on the internet, which is a skill known as digital marketing.

It’s also an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who support and guide each other towards the same objective: running a successful online business to live a laptop lifestyle or to live life on your terms.

Inside the Six Figure Mentors system, members access cutting edge marketing and business training in addition to the supportive private Six Figure Mentors community.

Six Figure Mentors – What is the Six Figure Mentors Exactly?

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

In a nutshell – it’s a digital training platform delivering a world class curriculum, teaching ordinary people how to leverage the internet as digital marketers, and digital entrepreneurs.

BUT – it’s also a high ticket income earning mechanism – allowing students to earn high ticket commissions, while they are still learning!

BTW – High Ticket = $1000 commissions per sale.

What this means to you is . . . you’ll be provided with:

– ALL the education and training

– ALL the marketing tools

– ALL the support

– ALL the  business systems

– AND ALL the High Ticket Income Opportunity You Need

to change your life, to change your future and to change your freedom. It’s NOT a cliche when it comes to The Six Figure Mentors.

Six Figure Mentors is run by two successful, world class, digital marketers, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

Stuart founded the education and training platform in 2010 after experiencing flaws, first hand, in a top tier direct sales business he was promoting back then.

Stuart was then joined by Jay in 2012, because they share a common vision and common view of the online marketing industry, and they’re both equally passionate about helping people change their circumstances to change their life.

Their mission is to:

Enable willing entrepreneurial people who want to create security and certainty in their personal and professional situations. This is achieved by learning and understanding how to leverage the power of the internet to start and grow an online business.

Members of the Six Figure Mentors are taught everything that’s required on the subjects of digital marketing and digital entrepreneurship. Topics taught range from list building and lead generation by free and paid methods, blogging, affiliate marketing, video marketing, and so much more.

The Six Figure Mentors community is a pillar of strength for the entire system. It comprises a forum, live chat and live support, where you can get your questions answered quickly because the community is worldwide – so there’s always someone online somewhere in the world.

It’s a great place to network and meet like-minded people, either in the virtual world, or in physical local mastermind groups.

SFM Momentum Day
Momentum Day in 2013

One of the biggest obstacles about working online from home is, it can get a bit lonely and it’s easy to get bogged down in detail – so most of us humans need to interact with and help each other – that’s why The Six Figure Mentors Community is so vitally important.

There are also several weekly live calls (live webinars) to attend which provide additional training by marketing industry leaders, to keep up to date with advancements in the Six Figure Mentors platform and with the digital marketing world in general. Plus there are live Momentum Day events to attend which will keep you motivated and focused on your objective – growing a winning online business.

Let’s quit reading this Six Figure Mentor Review for a moment and take a peek at the back office of the Six Figure Mentors.

Six Figure Mentors Dashboard
Six Figure Mentors Dashboard

The Six Figure Mentors Back Office is designed for members to access their step by step marketing training and live interactive coaching wherever and whenever they want. As you can see above, there’s 5 step by step set up modules.

In this Six Figure Mentors video below, Stuart Ross gives a quick video tour of The SFM back office and points out some of the key features.

Six Figure Mentors Review – What We Like The Most

What we like most about the Six Figure Mentors, without doubt, is the exclusive private community. We believe it’s crucial to get your questions answered quickly, as soon as they arise, so you don’t sit and stew over something and let it develop into an excuse for not progressing your business! BUT – you do have to be prepared to give back, and later help others with the same problem you had.

Six Figure Mentors Community
Six Figure Mentors Community

What’s more, it’s very refreshing to meet people who share the same passion and mission as you – which doesn’t often happen in the work environment or in other internet marketing training platforms – so you never feel alone. This fact in itself can be your pathway to success.

Furthermore, we truly rate the cutting-edge training and live online calls with leading marketers you get with the Six Figure Mentors.

It’s so important to learn and understand what’s working right now on the internet. The trainers and leaders of the Six Figure Mentors share with you everything they know – unlike other gurus who only tell you what they want you to know to keep you always needing more detail and more information!

high ticket commissions in the Six figure MentorsAnd we’ve saved the BEST bit till last – the ‘chunky’ affiliate commissions and top tier high ticket offers available by promoting the Six Figure Mentors are the biggest draw card. What’s more, the SFM handle the direct sales for you – all you have to do to help prospective customers is introduce them to the Six Figure Mentors without doing any selling whatsoever.

This combination of HIGH TICKET commissions, and NO SELLING, is THE fastest way to seriously boost your income and grow your business – because the amount of energy and effort you need to exert to sell a $27 ebook online, is the same amount of energy and effort needed to make a $1k commission simply by promoting the Six Figure Mentors.

Six Figure Mentors Review – What We Don’t Like So Much

We know from first hand experience that the Six Figure Mentors is definitely not for everyone. It’s not for dreamers or dabblers or people who think they can make quick cash or who is SFM forget rich overnight without investing any time, money or energy! It’s tailored to people who are motivated to take control of their lives, by investing in themselves – in order to build a successful online business to provide time freedom and financial security for them and their loved ones.

It doesn’t cost peanuts! SFM is priced to discourage opportunity seekers and freeloaders.

It’s a business in every sense of the word, however, it’s also the lowest cost business to start.

It’s a commitment so it’s not for the lazy as nothing in life is handed to you on a place. But it’s a life changing education that will keep you motivated when you’re prepared to invest in it.

Lastly, there is a LOT of training inside the Six Figure Mentors system, so some people can become quickly overwhelmed as they believe they need to know everything before they can get started marketing. There is a step by step modular system for getting started, but some perfectionist type people try and look beyond that and race ahead, and the result is – overwhelm and confusion.

Six Figure Mentors Review – Conclusion

We love the Six Figure Mentors unreservedly. Without it’s structured system we wouldn’t be living a laptop lifestyle right now. We needed it to get started and to learn about digital marketing and what it takes to be an online entrepreneur. We know you’ll receive enormous value compared to similar products and offers out there where you get no support and get left to your own devices to implement the training. The Six Figure Mentors community in itself is priceless.

Digital Experts Academy Vision
Stuart and Jay’s Vision

The vision of the founders Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross is amazingly deep. They’re not only waking people up to realise the internet and building an online business is THE answer to becoming financially self-sufficient. They’re also about changing the entire perception of the digital marketing industry for the better. They’re both genuinely authentic guys who care about your education and re-skilling yourself for the future in this digital age.

But, as mentioned above, SFM teaches a serious business system, so proper and consistent effort and energy is required on your part. It’s definitely not a push button, get rich overnight, opportunity.

So, if you truly want to BE YOUR OWN BOSS and quit exchanging your time for money, working hard making someone else rich, then the Six Figure Mentors is here to serve you. Get ready to say ‘NO’ to commuting, ‘NO’ to begging for time off, and ‘NO’ to not being there for your family when they need you the most.

apply to the SFM

Thanks for reading this Six Figure Mentors Review.

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Greg and Fiona Scott