How To Use Affiliate Marketing Reviews If You’re Not Making Money Yet

affiliate marketing for beginnersYou know affiliate marketing is the easiest way of making money online so you seek out some genuinely helpful affiliate marketing reviews to help you try and get a start.

So your first point of call is good old Google.

You start out excited and get loads of search results back – you never seem to find exactly what it is you’re looking for!!

So frustration sets in.

Not only that, but you find you’ve soon wasted 3.5 hours of your precious time, you’ve got a sore hand from using the mouse so much, and now you’re busting to use the bathroom!

Thankfully – the answer to your quandary is revealed when you read on . . .

Let’s start by covering more pros and cons of searching Google for ‘affiliate marketing for beginners’.

The most obvious plus point is there’s a ton of information at your fingertips – and it’s all free too.

The problem is – knowing how to sift through it all without being overwhelmed and without falling down rabbit holes and tripping into signing up for something you didn’t intend.


Forearmed is forewarned

The thing with affiliate marketing websites is: they’re all written by affiliate marketers . . .

Seems kind of obvious! But it’s an important distinction to get your head around.

When an affiliate marketer reviews a product or a program, they do it with the primary intention of attracting you to their suggested recommendation. They hope you’ll think it’s the best option for you just starting out.

That’s completely fine though, as long as you remember this key point and understand the primary motive of most affiliate marketing review sites. Forearmed is forewarned right?

affiliate marketing tipsSo to look out for good affiliate marketing reviews, consider those which follow this general structure:

• Introduction: begin with an introduction to the product/program/website, then go on to explain more about, or describe the product without showing any preference or recommendation

• Body: review the product, maybe rate it, and explain the benefits and what it can do for the reader

• Pros: state at least two positive features of the product/system and further explain how those features actually benefit people

• Cons: also state drawbacks too – as no product is perfect for all people at all times – so it’s unrealistic not to have some shortcomings.

• Analysis: re-address the rating and explain the process they went through to draw the conclusion they did.

• Conclusion: round up the entire review, and state which areas of the population it’s best suited for. It’s important to mention here if they’ve used the product personally or if they’ve been provided with a review copy/service. It allows the reader to make a fully informed choice.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing Terms – Knowing The Lingo

One of the biggest affiliate marketing tips we could give you is: learn the jargon – so you know exactly what your search results are talking about.

Some of the terms which confuse most people when they first start out (because every affiliate marketer gets confused and frustrated when first starting out – it goes with the territory) are:

Affiliate Programs – What Are They?

An affiliate program is offered by a single merchant (company who makes the product or service you promote as an affiliate) to individual affiliates, so affiliates can refer people to their products or services, in order to earn a pre-agreed commission.

Hundreds of thousands of physical stores which have online stores too, rely on affiliates to refer shoppers to their products because it’s much more cost effective than those stores having to find shoppers themselves.

When you search for affiliate programs reviews you’ll want to look for information like:

How quickly and frequently the merchant pays

What range of commissions do they pay

Do they provide many formats of marketing materials

Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Network Reviews

affiliate marketing reviewsAn affiliate network is a third party platform, or marketplace, which acts as the intermediary between merchants who don’t have their own bespoke affiliate programs, and the affiliates promoting the merchants’ products or services. One of the biggest, well known affiliate networks is Amazon.

The biggest benefit of affiliate networks is merchants don’t need to go hunting for affiliates as the network provides the platform for that exposure. They deliver the technology for:

  • creating unique affiliate ID’s and unique affiliate links that track affiliate referrals;
  • recording sales reporting for the merchant and commissions payable to the referring affiliate;
  • managing payment systems.

So if you’re still not quite sure exactly ‘how’ affiliate marketing is going to be your ticket to financial freedom, then check out the best affiliate marketing programs or networks for beginners – they are Commission Junction (which largely lists physical product merchants) and Clickbank (which only list digitally downloadable products).

Commission Junction Reviews

There are quite a few different Commission Junction reviews but this is the best

Clickbank Reviews

There are also many Clickbank reviews, but this one is fair

But . . .

How Do You Learn How To Market Like An Affiliate?

That’s when you need some affiliate marketing training!

Just because you now have an enormous selection of products and services to promote as an affiliate, you next need to learn how to promote them.

The Six Figure MentorsOne of the best affiliate marketing programs we recommend, is a step by step ‘how to do it’ training platform by Six Figure Mentors.

Six Figure Mentors have trained thousands of affiliate marketers from all corners of the planet, how to leave their 9-5 job, live anywhere and join the new rich.
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