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We run our own online business and are living a laptop lifestyle working where we want, when we want and with whom we want. But we also enthusiastically help people like you, establish or enhance your online business and get comfortable with marketing and technology.

So our blog is all about freely sharing fundamental tips, golden nuggets, and practical advice that works today, for you to implement in your online business right now. Plus we’ll help with your Success Mindset.

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The big question is:

How badly would you love to live a laptop lifestyle and enjoy the freedom that goes with it, but avoid the mistakes and pitfalls made by most people beginning an online business?

Maybe you’re like a most newcomers online and you struggle with technology, you waste a lot of time and effort researching stuff, you worry constantly that you’ll get ripped off and given the wrong information, or you get completely overwhelmed with what task to tackle first.

Well, we’re the most qualified people in the world to help you as we’ve invested £49,800 and over 18 months research to unearth the winning online business model and the simplest ethical marketing strategies that have changed our life in ways we never imagined!

But first who are we? We’re Greg and Fiona Scott, expat Kiwi’s (we’re from New Zealand but the nickname comes from our national bird, which happens to be flightless) and usually live in London, UK, but now enjoy travelling for much of the year, ‘working’ wherever we have an internet connection.

What Drives You to Get Out of Bed each Morning?

We’ve got a huge passion for travel, and get a big kick out of experiencing other cultures.
The Laptop Lifestyle Experts

We crave pure adventure instead of spending weeks lying on sun beds in resort hotels and at one point we had all seven continents stamped in our passports!

We’re not armchair tourists, so have a deep need to fund our passion for travel – which drove us to become successful marketers. But we haven’t always been in the Internet Marketing game, and we started out later than most.

Our big change happened when we were travelling the globe for three months back in 2009. There we were in Bangkok, on the last night of a wonderful adventure through Canada, Japan, Borneo, New Zealand and Thailand. We were staying in a gorgeous hotel with a luxurious rooftop restaurant gearing up to celebrate the end of our fantastic journey before the return to a well paid job in London – but then – our world, as we knew it – fell apart.

The Laptop Lifestyle Experts

Fiona got a call from her employer. The news was all bad – don’t turn up for work on Monday as we’ve had to make some budget cuts and we’re letting you go!

Pure Pain

That was a bombshell. Those nine long, dedicated, years of tedious hours, hard slog, stroppy managers, building up a strong, diligent team of efficient and effective workers, all gone in one phone call.

Redundant! Laid Off.

We were gobsmacked – and there were certainly floods of tears. It was so gut wrenchingly galling to be dispensed like that with no second thought. We felt . . . Empty!
Greg and Fiona ScottWe were certainly in no mood to celebrate the last night of our fabulous three month vacation. And to make matters worse, the heavens opened, and rain pelted down incessantly – washing away our life as we knew it. There was definitely no dining on the rooftop restaurant admiring the twinkling vibrant nightlife of Bangkok.

To complicate things further, Greg had resigned from his job before travelling as he was sick of the corporate world and it seemed like a good time for a break.

So we’re both out of work together. Oh Dear! (It was actually a lot stronger word than that!) What do we do now?

We’d been married for 23 years then (26 years now) and have traveled an enormous amount together, so wondered if we could work together? But doing what?

Fiona was emphatic that she wasn’t going back to the corporate world working hard to make profits for someone else’s wallet! No way!

That’s when our Digital Marketing journey started – the beginning of our education and re-skilling.

Was This a Sign?

Completely out of the blue, an email landed that contained an invitation to a 3 day seminar. It was a pitch fest where each speaker sells their stuff at the end of their presentation. We hung on every word of every presenter! We wrote a whole book of notes, as it was all totally new to us.

With Fiona’s redundancy money burning a hole in our pocket, we were keen to invest in our new venture together. So we signed up for almost everything that was going – Internet Marketing, Personal Development and the odd Shyster!

Greg and Fiona Scott

Finally – we had all the information we needed to become Internet Marketers and would be millionaires before our next birthdays!

Well it didn’t quite work out like that…

After the pitch fest we had three things:

1. A Business in a Box System
2. 40 Automated cookie cutter websites that worked completely on autopilot.
3. Gold membership to a marketing course jam-packed with all the information that we could ever need at our fingertips

Actually four…

4. No Experience, but lashings of talent!

To cut a long story short, the business in a box was way too advanced for the little experience we had back then, and involved selling physical products offline. Whatever happened to creating a good old downloadable ebook?!

Then there were the automated cookie cutter websites: When they were demo’d to us, the salesman created a web site, and showed how it started making money immediately – right in front of our eyes. Unbelievable! We were going to make a fortune! (We didn’t remotely consider that the salesman had someone at the back of the room buying his stuff – live!)

Have You Ever Been Ripped Off?

But… after four months and a measly $20 in revenue we questioned whether it worked. We were told that we needed to buy more automated sites, because the more we had the more money we would make! Yeah, Right! Doh! We realised we’d been had. Which isn’t a great feeling – we might have been tricked by a talented salesman, but in reality, we should have done our research properly.

Living a Laptop Lifestyle

24 Carat Gold

The Gold membership site. Now this is a fantastic website, there really is every trick and technique you need to create a sustainable business online. But there’s a vast amount of information, so we tried to be experts at everything, but had no structure and the complete wrong mindset, so therefore jumped from pillar to post. Maybe you can associate with this?

We’d spent tens of thousands of dollars learning and researching, but we were running around like headless chickens, jumping from one subject to another, from one shiny object to another and from one traffic generating product to another. Perhaps you’ve done that too?

What’s worse is that by then, we were massively in debt. We were maxed out on our credit cards and were begging the banks for extensions. Life was hard. We couldn’t sleep at night, worrying how to pay the next bill 🙁

Greg and Fiona Scott

A Tasty New Recipe

Every cloud has a silver lining. We were fortunate enough to meet a man who took us ‘under his wing’ and guide us through the mire of information in the world of digital marketing.

It was like being pulled out of quick sand – the relief was instant plus we started making progress straight away.

You see, that man was already making 6 figures online, so was able to show us what the proven formula, and what was working for him.

We now realize, that desperation focuses the mind!

The rest is history.

So the recipe for success is very simple. Learn a system that’s made money for other people, then practice and implement it until you make money from it. The more tools and automation in it the better. But above all, take action instead of just learning about it.

FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Successful – is now our motto!

FOCUS, a passion for travel, and a burning desire to succeed, led us to living a laptop lifestyle.

Do you have what it takes too?

Fiona Scott

Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Being successful digital marketers means being honesttrustworthy, and liked, as well as over delivering massive value to customers. As a result we’ve created our own training and education products to set you on the path to financial freedom.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to win sales competitions, help hundreds of others secure their financial future, and open peoples eyes to the fact they don’t have to work in a 9-5 job for the rest of their lives.affiliate competition

We’re absolutely loving our journey and our freedom, and have met many wonderful, supportive, helpful people on the way.

Because we’ve had so many winning people help guide us, we felt we had a responsibility to write Living a Laptop Lifestyle so we could help others learn from our experiences – so you too can earn a legitimate income online quickly and cost-effectively.

If you learn one thing from us, it’s that you have to avoid all the shiny objects. There’s NO get rich quick scheme that’s going to make you a fortune overnight.

All you need is a great Mentor to model, a support group or mastermind group to hold you accountable, and laser sharp focus.

Greg and Fiona Scott

Like us, we hope you take a passionate interest to learn how to start your journey to financial freedom, by earning multiple streams of income online.

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We’ll help you unleash your inner entrepreneur to unlock infinite income!




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